My thesis involves a series of drawings that show bizarre monster-like characters. All of these characters are based on the various tenants that live in my building. Besides their decorative and entertaining purposes, I like to think of these drawings as a metaphor for the theme of fiction vs. non-fiction: how much remains true and how much do we recreate and readapt? 

The primary purpose for using true facts as a base for these characters is not only to showcase people in funny, painful, embarrassing and humiliating situations for the rest of us to laugh and be entertained by but also for others to hopefully be able to relate in some way to these personalities and their actions.


By creating a variety of different characters, I will be able to cover a range of personality and stereotypes, which in turn will create opportunities to experiment with illustrating a diverse assortment of characters with varying looks, genders, sexual preferences and traits. These will then be assembled into a book to offer viewers a catalogue of all the characters, with larger, high quality reproductions of the illustrations and their descriptions ( name, description, facts ) indexed for the audience to easily read and view each character.